Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Pies

This year for Thanksgiving I made 2 pies from scratch.  I made a Pumpkin Pie (of course!) and a Salted Caramel Apple Pie.  Both were so yummy!!

For my pie crusts, I used Ina Garten's Pie Crust recipe.  It turned out great!  Buttery and flaky.  I only have a mini food processor, so I cut my dough in with a handy dandy tool, instead.  I made 2 batches instead of doubling it, just in case!

For the Pumpkin Pie, I used Paula Deen's recipe!  I figured almost 800 5 star reviews couldn't be wrong!  Very tasty :)

For the Apple Pie, I used a recipe I saw on Here's the link  I can't remember her name!  But, it was super yummy, and I really liked slicing the apples horizontally instead of cutting them into big chunky pieces.

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